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Slush Machine Repair Services

Factory reconditioned slush machine repair service. We also supply spare parts and supplies.

We fully repair and recondition Slush Machines from leading manufactures that include Ugolini, GBG Sencotel, CAB Faby, Elmeco, Elcor Grani are refurbished and repaired by our technicians.

our vast experience of these leading manufacturers’ products, as well as many other slush machines used in the soft drinks industry, means that equipment that would otherwise have to be replaced can often be re-used.

The slush machines are stripped and cleaned which also gives technicians the opportunity to examine them in detail. All the parts are cleaned before being refurbished. All motors, seals, taps and pumps are tested under maximum working pressure if any parts fail we will replace them with new or reconditioned parts as standard procedure.

All slush machines are electrically tested and inspected prior to packing - in addition motors are subjected to a full run test procedure. Data relating to the machine refurbishment process is electronically stored for fifteen months.

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We are specialists in all models of slush machine which are listed below. Some machines are rebranded for larger companies such as slush puppie, Frutina and Vimpto.

  • GBG Electrofreeze ( Frutina, Slush puppie, ML228, GBG220, Granisun )
  • Elcor ( Grani Machines )
  • CAB SPA ( Sunny Delite, FABY Machines )
  • Ugolini / Bras / Taylor ( Bacardi, Vimpto, MT, HT Machines )
  • Elmeco ( FC machines )
  • Donper ( Electrofreeze Asian Copy machine )
  • Penguin ( Ugolini Asian Copy machine )

The repair process

SMR repairs & service information

picWe are based in Lancashire. We prefer our customers to send the machine to our factory either via currier or own transport. If you don’t have a currier company available we can arrange one for you through a 3rd party company.

Onsite repairs are no longer viable as some repairs require electrical diagnostic testing and cleaning that is not practical onsite.

Please fill in our booking form with as much information as possible and we can book you into the system for a repair service.

How it works

  • The machine is booked into our system and assigned a serial number
  • Diagnostic and fault finding is carried out
  • Quotation is sent to you via email for cost of repairs
  • (On conformation) The machine is stripped, fully steam cleaned and repaired
  • Put onto a full test using slush mixture
  • Electrically PAT tested
  • Final inspection and packaging
  • Invoice is sent to customer
  • Once payment is received the machine is dispatched

Ordering Spare Parts

We stock a range of spare parts and supplies for slush machine. Please visit our online shop for more details.

Please note we do NOT offer a telephone support service - please email for more information

If you're concerned about having your machine repaired in the factory we recommend you find a local company that specialise in slush machine repairs on site.