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After the thirty-year experience of Iannaccone spa in the distribution of equipment in the Horeca sector, CAB spa was founded in 1986 by Mr Armando Iannaccone with the aim of undertaking a real industrial activity. The business objective of Mr Iannaccone was to distribute a top-quality product worldwide and from the beginning the company specialised in building slush machines and cold drink dispensers in the factory at Pozzuoli.
Success came early, in 1990 CAB became official supplier of LG International Corporation in South Korea, so spreading its vertical slush machine on a global scale.
Riding the wave of enthusiasm for the deal with LG, in 1990 the first cold drink dispensers, the LUKE model, appeared. During the Milan Fair the first order of 5.000 coolers arrived, further spreading the CAB brand in the European market.
1993 was a year of transition for CAB because Mr Iannaccone died at a young age and Mr Maurizio Caiano took command of the company. Leveraging his experience in the field of refrigeration, he took on this new challenge with courage and determination, succeeding in further consolidating the company’s growth.
1996 was the year of the real turning point for the future of CAB, that year the first horizontal slush machine appeared. The FABY model was an immediate success at the Rimini Fair, thanks to the patented double-stirring system, enabling the company to reach sales never previously imagined.
Two years later in 1998, with the need to position itself on the market with a cold drink dispenser with an innovative look, the FAST COLD model appeared which allowed CAB to extend its sales into previously unknown markets.
With the advent of the new millennium, CAB celebrated a very important milestone. Thanks to the quality and reliability of its products, the company’s brand was then present in 50 countries worldwide on 5 continents.