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Elcor SRL ( Grani Machines )

Cortese electomechanics est in 1992

The Elcor range of machines entered the UK market in the late 2001 and we have repaired many of these machines. The design of the machine is over complicated and if not maintained they will fail very quickly. The plastics are very brittle, the control boards are prone to failure. The freezing barrel often leaks internally requiring a complete replacement of the entire barrel.

Spirals ( Scraper Blades / Augur ) are thin and break with little force applied to them.

Parts are hard to acquire and there is up to a 2 week lead time on many items. The gear motors are a non-standard design and fail on the drive shaft rods snapping. Overall the machines do look ok but we would not recommend these machines for a high usage outlet.

We give this brand an overall rating of 5 out of 10

Cheaper to buy but can be expensive to repair due to parts.