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Electro Freeze ( GBG / Sencotel )

Scott-Drummond Group Est 1992 is the UK distributer for Sencotel ( Spain )

The Elcotro Freeze ( GBG / Sencotel ) range of machines entered the UK market in late 1992 and we have repaired many of these machines. The design of the machine is very good and if maintained they will last a long time. The plastics are very good, the control boards are well made. The freezing barrel can leak internally requiring a complete replacement of the entire barrel.

Spirals ( Scraper Blades / Augur ) are thick and don’t break as easily as other brands.

Parts are easy to acquire and there may be up to a 1 week lead time on some items. The gear motors are a standard design and only fail on the drive cogs wearing. Overall the machines look very nice and sleek and are well suited to high output venues.

The common confusion with this brand is that they have manufactured so many machines for many end user slush sellers. These include:

Slush Puppie

As well as the above branded machines produced for the above the relationship between Sencotel and GBG has a little history. Sencotel who are the manufacturer of the machines for GBG in Italy. GBG have also partnered with the Carpigiani Group.

So here are 2 popular machines side by side to show you the comparison:


As you can see from the pictures the only difference is the shape of the lids and side panels plus the colour.

They have changed the model name and they sell them both in the UK market

The Granisun can be purchased for £2,154.00

The Spin can be purchased for £2,394.00

"So you pay an extra £240 for the same machine because of a slight change ?"

The choice is yours but there is no difference between the 2, we see no reason to spend the extra money.

What else can you look out for ?

Some machines are exactly the same mechanically, all they do is change the colour or shape of the panels, change the shape of the lids, add taller feet to make the machines stand higher, design an alternate handle shape or colour.

Here are a few more examples to help you recognise your machine if it has no serial or model number.
All 3 machines are the same. Same seals, same tank sizes, same power.

Many customers will say they own a frutina machine or a slush puppie machine, infact you own a Sencotel Machine.


We give this brand an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10 - A great machine but can be confusing for customers to buy spare parts.